PSFF 2017 Selections

Congratulations to the 2017 PSFF filmmakers! Our festival continues to grow, and we received nearly 200 original films from high school and college-aged students from around the world. We thank all of the filmmakers who submitted their work for consideration. There were so many outstanding films, and while we could not include them all, we are very grateful for the time spent in the creative process of making the films and the additional effort in submitting them to us for consideration.

View the 2017 program guide to learn more about this year’s selections.

Wednesday, July 19

Virtual by James Tralie
King Me by Julian Lipoff
What’s Right./? by Dominic Mistretta
Pigeon Days by Michael Carter
Respectfully, Tony by John Haley & Julia Szromba
The Bucket by Taylor Brown
Anywhere But Here by Ian Lettire
24 Hours After 3 PM by Trevor Weng
Tiny Worlds by Alexa Werrlein
Those Who Mine by Andrea Pfaff
Charlie et Ses Grandes Dents by Esther Lalanne, Xing Yao, Valentin Sabin, Camille Verninas, Chao-Hao Yang

Thursday, July 20

History of the Princeton Garden Theatre by Aaron Baseman
Portrait of a Painter by Kyle Jacobson
Jiffy by Roberto Valle
Scooby Blueberry – Strawberries by Tyler Rubner
What Comes From a Swamp by Tyler Macri
Kimmi on Worldliness by Everett Shen
Un vase à Chinatown by Jeremy Hung
Head Space by Emma Huibregtse
286 Sullivan Street by Emma Jackson
I Will Dare by Adam McGill & Willy Fines

Thursday, September 28

These films will be shown on a special fall screening night at the Princeton Garden Theatre.
Family Portrait by Shannen Siramarco
Fraud by Anthony Riso
Gardeners of the Forest by Ceylan Carhoglu
History of the Princeton Garden Theatre by Aaron Baseman
I Will Dare by Adam McGill & Willy Fines
Icarus by Tom Teller
Kimmi on Worldliness by Everett Shen
Les Courgettes De La Résistance by Mélissa Idri, Benoit Lecailtel, Ivana Ngamou, Côme Balguerie
Virtual by James Tralie