A new second floor for a changing community.

The second floor is now closed for the construction of 2Reimagine. Visit this page and sign up for our eNewsletter for announcements about the renovation or other library services and programs.

Work Space and Services

The library has adapted areas of the building to accommodate computer use, scanning, printing, additional seating and work space. View our map of first floor services and spaces.

In addition to work tables throughout the first and third floors, the Community Room transforms from an event space into a collaborative work space on specific days and times of the week. Please visit our events calendar for the most up-to-date schedule for open study space.


The books on our second floor moved offsite this past summer. However, you are still able to borrow these books by placing a hold in our catalog. Our library staff will retrieve hold-requested books on a regular basis from the storage space.

Our first-floor Quiet Study Room now also contains a revolving collection of “recently returned” non-fiction books that is available for browsing and checkout. At times when the Quiet Study Room is in use for library programs, staff will retrieve these books for you.


Q: When does the reimagining begin and how long will it last?

A: Construction began on July 6. The project is expected to take between 6 and 8 months to complete, and we are committed to remaining on-schedule.

Q: Is the library open during construction?

A: Yes. Other than occasional closures to ensure public safety, the first and third floors of the library remain open during construction.

Q: Where can I find quiet space to work during construction?

A: “Quieter” areas to work include tables within the first floor collections and the Quiet Study Room. We also have complimentary earphones available for you at any of our service desks. But our capacity to provide quiet space during construction is very limited. Those is search of quieter work space have the opportunity to reserve a pass to Princeton University’s Firestone Library, available in limited quantity to Princeton Public Library cardholders.

Q: Are computers be available for use?

A: Yes. 20 desktop PC computers and 3 iMacs are located in the center aisle of the first floor and are available for one-hour sessions with the potential to renew for additional time. Guest passes may be obtained at the Welcome Desk. Additionally, library cardholders may also borrow one of twelve laptops available for use within the library building.

Q: Where can I print, copy or scan documents?

A: Printing, scanning and copying services are located on the first floor, adjacent to our Movie collection.

Q: Where will the books be stored during construction?

A: The Princeton University Library has donated temporary space within its library system to store our second-floor collection during the 2Reimagine renovation. Because of the university library’s generosity, our nearly 30,000-volume non-fiction collection remains available to Princeton Public Library customers through hold requests for the duration of the construction project.

Q: How long does it take to retrieve books that are in the storage facility?

A: We retrieve books often, several times a week, and adjust our frequency based on the volume of hold requests we receive each day. Our goal is to minimize the waiting time for you to receive items that are in storage. We are not able to retrieve books during weekend or evening hours.

Q: How is the project being funded?

A: About 96 percent of 2Reimagine is funded through private funds. The remaining 4 percent comes from municipal funding previously devoted to library capital improvements.

Q: How can I help?

A: New gifts for the project are needed and welcome. Please contact Development Director Janet Simon at 609.924.9529, ext. 1251

Q: What else do I need to know?

A: Library staff are working to minimize the potential disruption to our customers during construction. Thank you for your patience.

Reimagining the Second Floor

When the Sands Library Building opened in 2004, it was widely hailed as a “modern library.” Thinking back to the world of 2004, much of what we take for granted today — the iPhone, Facebook, streaming music and movies — either hadn’t been invented or was not widely available. The 2Reimagine campaign seeks to support the lifelong learning needs of every generation by adapting the second floor, balancing books and quiet areas with spaces that support collaboration, learning, critical thinking and creativity.

With more than 2,200 visitors each day, Princeton Public Library is a center of community engagement. You see that in the standing-room-only events in the Community Room, but also when you visit the second floor, where books and digital content are used by people of all ages to learn, work and dream. You may notice that seating is scarce or that our popular Tech Center classes are overcrowded. Perhaps you’ve overheard staff members politely point out to disappointed community members that all study rooms have been reserved for the day. We are often filled to capacity, making do with space rearranged to accommodate basic customer expectations, but no longer meeting needs. In response to focus groups, we’ve teamed with noted library design firm Andrew Berman Architect to meet these needs for years to come. Join us 2Reimagine the second floor.


Our reimagined second floor will provide:

—Redesigned spaces that support the way people work and study today.

—An enlarged living room with more lounge seating.

—More collaboration rooms and spaces for small groups.

—A new dedicated 30-seat quiet reading room.

—The News Room, a new dedicated space for print and digital news media that converts into a 50-seat program area.

—The Discovery Center, a discovery center for hands-on digital exploration and instruction from library professionals.

—A  business center equipped to support work away from home or office.

—A new technology center supporting larger classes, collaborative learning and group activities using the latest technologies.

—A more robust wireless network to handle ever-increasing digital loads.

—Power everywhere to keep all devices charged.

—Improvements that promote energy efficiency and follow best sustainability practices.

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