Sands Library cornerstone

The renovation of the second floor of the library (known as the 2Reimagine project) is nearing completion. As we gear up for the re-opening of the floor I’ve been reflecting a bit on the Augustine Birrell quote on our Witherspoon Street cornerstone: “Libraries are not made: they grow.” I would not presume to disagree with […]

Equalizing access

A couple of weeks ago, the library increased the speed of its internet access from 300 to 500 Mbps, bringing us closer to the “research speed” available at universities. The library’s desktop computers and WiFi network, both of which we are upgrading as part of the 2Reimagine project, will now provide significantly faster connections for […]

Blurring the line

There was a time when a “fact” had a negative connotation. According to the Oxford English Dictionary (OED), the most common use of the word in the last quarter of the 16th century and the first three quarters of the 17th, it meant “an evil deed, a crime; the perpetration or commission of such a […]

Comfort music

This has been the Winter of Hygge here at the library, where we’ve been encouraging the community to follow Denmark’s example and slow down to  enjoy simple, cozy activities and togetherness. We’ve been knitting, writing memoirs, singing and playing guitar in a circle and enjoying hearty soups. We even had a cozy mystery featuring library staff performing a whodunit. […]

Picking up threads

Abrah Griggs Hobo Spider

Twelve days into 2017: long enough to consider resolutions passé but not yet time to give up hope for improvements. It’s an aging new year we’re facing. As we multitask to juggle our goals and lives, we’re craning to peer forward, straining to glimpse sight of our hopes and to spark brief touches with our dreams. […]

Memorable memoirs

In “The Art of Memoir“, Mary Karr writes that “memoir done right is an art, a made thing.” If memoirists are artists, their work is elucidated through truth, narrative, voice and vulnerability. Vulnerability is allowing yourself the opportunity to be open and honest, disguising your strength as weakness. It is a virtue that relies on […]

Top 16 for 2016

The end of the year is fast approaching and that means it’s time for some lists. Newspapers, magazines, websites, and blogs are all publishing their year-end lists of the best books and movies from the last year. In that spirit I present to you the top 16 most popular books and DVDs at the Princeton Public […]

Popular truths

2nd Floor wishes

With the second floor closed for renovation, the majority of our non-fiction collection has been stored offsite this year. When the books moved out of the building this past June, we pledged to fulfill your requests for these items within two to three days of your holds being placed. We’ve delivered (literally) and we’ve had lots of compliments […]

Consider the source

A new study from the Stanford History Education Group paints a distressing picture of the ability of middle school, high school, and college students to discern between credible and fake news stories or sponsored ads. Being a librarian for a dozen years, this is, sadly, not surprising. It’s not only students, but plenty of adults […]

Toward racial literacy

I could continue to listen to Ruha Benjamin speak about race for at least five more Tuesday evenings. Having reached the end of the Racial Literacy series co-sponsored by the library, Not In Our Town Princeton and the Princeton Garden Theatre, I think I have a deeper understanding of issues surrounding race and white privilege, issues […]