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Some books are bigger than others

During my time at the library we have changed how and where our books are housed quite a few times. All of these changes have involved shifting hundreds to thousands of books from the old arrangements to the new layouts. This is a team effort and we have learned some lessons about the “Art of […]

Growing family

Recently, I visited friends who just welcomed their newborn son to their family. Greeted with a squeal, I looked down with joy to see that their two-year-old had wrapped himself around my leg. I would never have met his mom had it not been for the library. Living in a vastly technologically connected world, it […]

Princeton and slavery

“I do endeavor to improve every opportunity I have in writing and studying my book. I would have written to you before but I was anxious for you to see my own handwriting.” Harriet Beech, a free African-American woman living at the residence of Mr. Searcy in Princeton, wrote in 1838, in a letter describing religious […]

Join us at the Preschool Fair

Increasing national attention has been given to the importance of quality early childhood education, especially during the preschool year. Whether you’re looking for a learning-through-discovery experience, or a more academic approach; a parent cooperative; a full or dual language immersion; a full or half-day program; or you’re just curious about the different schools in Princeton, […]

Baseball and the bibliophile

October means something a little different for everyone. For some, it is the start of fall and everything pumpkin spice. For others, it is scary costumes and one step closer to the holiday season. But for me, October signifies Major League Baseball’s postseason. Having been a sports fan since I was a child, I have […]

Take a break

Just relax. Sounds so easy, right? We’ve all heard that taking breaks and stepping away from our desks throughout the workday help increase productivity and overall well-being at work. In addition to the tips found at Zapier and Idealist for optimizing your time at work, I queried my colleagues about their preferred relaxation and break-time activities […]

Past and present

Last month, PBS debuted the highly-anticipated and critically-acclaimed documentary film series, “The Vietnam War,” directed by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick. Broken into 10 episodes and running 18 hours, the series offers nearly 80 interviews that present a variety of first-hand perspectives through archival footage, photographs, and recordings. The project, which took 10 years and […]

Lost that lovin’ feeling

The last thing you’d expect to read is that one of your local librarians has lost her zest for reading. It’s a perplexing problem because I have always been a huge consumer of the written word, in all its manifestations-books, magazines, newspapers, advertisements, etc. I’ve been known to read the cereal box when nothing else […]

Teen books for adults and adult books for teens

What is a crossover book? In the publishing industry, a crossover book is one marketed toward either young adult (YA) readers or adult readers, but frequently read and enjoyed by both teens and adults. The Hunger Games trilogy is one particularly popular example. Check out this list of 15 crossover novels—all available at the Princeton Public Library! Daughter […]

Staying level

We have over 4,200 shelves for books, DVDs, CDs, and audiobooks at the library. Shelving is so ubiquitous throughout the building it’s easy to forget that at some point all of the units had to be installed and assembled in order to do their job of housing our collections. The shelves on almost all of […]