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Faroe Islanders

At the Princeton Public Library, our community is always foremost in our minds. Is it any wonder why Princeton Environmental Film Festival (PEFF) founder, Susan Conlon, and Kim Dorman, the library’s Community Engagement Coordinator, made “Community” the theme of this year’s festival? PEFF, which runs from March 27 through April 2 and is now in […]

Equalizing access

A couple of weeks ago, the library increased the speed of its internet access from 300 to 500 Mbps, bringing us closer to the “research speed” available at universities. The library’s desktop computers and WiFi network, both of which we are upgrading as part of the 2Reimagine project, will now provide significantly faster connections for […]

Why we blog

As a fan of the Princeton Public Library’s blog even before I was affiliated with the library, I have long enjoyed its flexibility. Sometimes it provides space for announcements, updates on initiatives, or information about an event. Other times it highlights the library’s collection or offers insight into staff members’ role within the library and […]

Reading analog and digital

One of the questions I frequently answer is, “Do you like ebooks or print?” Usually, by intonation or strategically timed body language (rolling their eyes, pinching their nostrils, pantomiming gagging), the questioner makes it clear whether they are a Hatfield or McCoy. Am I a sentimental Flat Earth Luddite tree slayer? Or a techno futurist […]

It has to work

Like other sports fans, I often worry that watching and thinking about sports may be selfish and wasteful. I want the time I spend in the stands, watching television, reading articles, or listening to podcasts to have broader significance. I want my appreciation for sports to further my development as a moral being, critical thinker, and leader for meaningful causes.

Getting to know you

I want to learn everything I can about Princeton. Moving to a terrific community and starting a great new job is incredibly energizing. If you have had this kind of experience, you know what I mean. You feel like your capacity to consume information has increased exponentially, as though your limbic system has tapped into a fountain of youth, and you want to drink deeply from the well.