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Benefits for Library Card Holders:

There are many benefits to signing up for a Princeton Public Library card. As a library member, you can:

  • Borrow items from our print and media collections.
  • Check out content from our eLibrary, including eBooks, downloadable audiobooks, digital magazines, streaming music, movies and television.
  • Access our research databases from home.
  • Receive one-on-one, online homework help and test prep materials through Brainfuse.
  • Develop marketable skills or start a new hobby with
  • Learn a new language with Rosetta StoneMango Languages and Muzzy.
  • Make reservations through our Museum Pass Program, which offers complimentary admission at several cultural institutions and museums.
  • Borrow a Mac laptop or Google Chromebook to use within the library.
  • Receive up to two hours of free parking per day in the Spring Street Garage with each visit to the library.

Who’s eligible?

Free cards are available to all residents of the Municipality of Princeton and staff and students of Princeton Public Schools, Princeton University, Princeton Theological Seminary and the Institute for Advanced Study. You can get a card immediately at the library with identification and proof of residence or you can sign up online (in English or Spanish) and your application will be processed within three business days. Cards are renewed every three years.

Parts of several other municipalities share Princeton ZIP codes and mailing addresses. In addition, many area subdivisions not within the border of the Municipality of Princeton include the word ”Princeton” in their names. While we regret that we are unable to offer free borrowing privileges to residents of these communities, we can direct you to the public library that serves your local community.

Free cards are also available to non-resident property owners, business owners, and teachers in the Municipality of Princeton, as well as librarians employed in a library located in New Jersey and Princeton Public Library Conversation Class Program Volunteers and Literacy Volunteers of America. Cards are renewed annually.

$50 cards are available to non-residents who attend a private school or work in the Municipality of Princeton. Cards are renewed annually.

Non-residents 62 years of age or older may purchase cards for $50/year.

Other non-residents may purchase cards for fees equivalent to the tax payments of local residents. The fees for one card are $30 for one month; $60 for 3 months; $90 for 6 months; and $150 for one year.

Cards for additional household members are $15 each. Non-resident cards may be renewed at the end of the subscription period upon payment of an additional fee.

Lost library card replacement fee: $2

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What do I need to bring?

All library card applications (new, renewals and lost card replacements) require valid personal identification and proof of your patron status. Please provide as detailed below. If you have any questions, contact us at 609.924.9529, ext. 1210, email us at  or visit us at 65 Witherspoon Street, Princeton NJ. A staff member will be happy to assist you.


Driver’s license – non-driver’s identification – passport (U.S. or other country) – U.S. permanent resident card – Mercer County ID – student ID card from one of the following: Princeton University, Princeton Theological Seminary, Institute for Advanced Study, a public or private school located in the Municipality of Princeton.


Driver’s license – proof of campus or school housing, NJ motor vehicle registration – a check from a local bank with imprinted home address – current rental lease, receipt or deed with the applicant’s name – a current utility bill in the applicant’s name – a current tuition bill – dated letter from a social services agency.


Proof of property ownership in the Municipality of Princeton (current tax documentation) – proof of ownership or management of a business in the Municipality of Princeton (current tax documentation) – proof of member of teaching staff in a school in the Municipality of Princeton (current pay stub, valid school ID) – proof of employment at a business in the Municipality of Princeton (current pay stub).


For applicants under the age of 18, the following may also be accepted as Personal Identification or Proof of Residency: a parent or guardian’s valid Princeton Public Library card – a current report card or ID from a school located in the Municipality of Princeton – a piece of mail addressed to the minor – a parent or guardian’s ID – a valid health insurance card.


A post office box address – a general delivery address – a business card.

Our Library Cards and the environment:

Our library card and its key tag are printed on Teslin and laminated with polyester. Teslin substrate is a recyclable plastic material. Teslin grades are manufactured under strict corporate guidelines for environmental compliance and waste minimization.

  • Non-toxic
  • No ozone-depleting constituents
  • 65% by weight inorganic filler (silica – derived from sand)
  • No cellulose-based material content – does not contribute to forest harvesting
  • Currently recycled into general use bulk plastics such as park benches and industrial signs (a class 7 material)
  • Safely disposed of in a landfill – will not leach into ground water
  • Incinerates in an atmosphere of excess oxygen to yield only water, CO2, energy and a clean ash (from silica filler)
  • Fully compliant with 1994 standards of the Coalition of Northeastern Governors’ Model Toxic legislation (CONEG) relative to heavy metal content
  • Fully compliant with current ASTM F963-86 standard, Consumer Safety Specification on Toy Safety – no detectable quantities of either antimony or arsenic.

Teslin is a registered trademark of PPG Industries, Inc., Monroeville PA, for synthetic printing sheet – Learn more at