• Our new third floorWe recently reopened the third floor after closing it for a bit of renovation and reorganization. The impetus for the change was the need to re-carpet the entire floor. The old carpet was installed back when the library was built in 2004 and after nearly 14 years of heavy use it was high time for […] Read More Posted Feb 23, 2018 by Andre Levie
  • Love in the stacksWith Valentine’s Day approaching, I began thinking about the different types of love in my life. My family and friends, various pets, my job, traveling and exploring new places and, of course, books. Books were my first love and will always be the greatest love of my life. In them, I have learned magic at […] Read More Posted Feb 6, 2018 by Dana Treichler
  • To be continuedMy resolution plate is happily empty, as I’ve chosen to skate by picking goals to live up to this year. In this waning January of 2018, I find I’m revisiting not-quite-left-behind connections and planning to pick up the pieces. I will refocus daily on juggling work and work life, home and home life, projects, health, […] Read More Posted Jan 24, 2018 by Janice Painter
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