• I spy...with my little eye. Everyone loves a scavenger hunt. Birthday parties for young and old, club and organization get togethers, day campers on an outing, orientations for students, newcomers learning their way around town, team building exercises from area businesses, anybody and everybody at some point in time has participated in one.  It’s easy to spot […] Read More Posted Jul 16, 2017 by Gayle
  • You may be more millennial than you knowAt the Princeton Public Library we work hard to ensure that we offer something for everyone, even if that everyone includes groups that are often seen as less likely to use public libraries. One of the stories we often hear is that public libraries “lose” people when they go to college, “find” them again if […] Read More Posted Jul 3, 2017 by Brett Bonfield
  • Summer picksFirst, it was Oprah; Now, it’s Sarah Jessica Parker. What can these two celebrities possibly have in common? The same passion that troves of the library’s community share – a love of books. Both Hogarth publisher Molly Stern and the American Library Association are banking on the star power of SJP to provide extra sizzle to […] Read More Posted Jul 1, 2017 by Kristin
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